What is the risk of late repayment?

Using a bank loan is not always uncomplicated and quick. The procedures in front of the interested ones pile up like mountains, and each subsequent document or stage is for most of us even less clear than the previous one. All our data, if we want to use the loan, are always thoroughly screened.

This is no longer just about issues related to earnings or the workplace


But also such things as creditworthiness or credit history, all possible delays in paying earlier obligations, loans, loans and even bills for current expenses, if the media supplier decided place an entry about us in one of the registers:

Interestingly, the bank’s credit history looks better with records of earlier obligations and their repayment timeliness than in the case of tabula rasa – the bank then has relevant information, and more specifically – what type of customer is dealing with and what are the chances of repayment contracted commitment. Formalities also take a lot of time and not every person working in standard working hours is able to come to all the appointments, which completes the formalities sometimes mercilessly stretches in time.

So-called junk contracts


We are well aware that not everyone is able to make a financial commitment to the bank. So-called junk contracts, so willingly and widely distributed by employers, in turn are unwelcome in banks – they give no certainty or security for the future. If they are not continued with one employer long enough, they are rejected as unfounded for granting the loan. Another issue, which in principle applies to virtually every type of contract, is the amount entered by the employer and the money actually earned.

It happens that the employer enters the lowest national, when the fact is earning a much higher amount, but given to the employee “under the table.” In such situations, it is difficult to get additional money not only for people of the prime of life, but also for older people, who are very willing to use payday loans, or very young people who do not always have adequate earnings to become credible to the bank.

Having a current debt repayment

Having a current debt repayment

Is another issue that removes the customer from the possibility of taking a loan. Your creditworthiness, and thus the bank’s trust in you, is reduced by any debt.

People who are employed for the correct amount on the employment contract, in addition, possessing a flawless credit history and sufficiently high creditworthiness. Such people, let’s face it, there are not many. Everything else needs to look for money in alternative places, such as loan companies.