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Tuanjie Village to focus mut coins on the development

The village now has 5,200 mu of walnuts, 650 mu of mut coins, 2,000 mu of sea cucumbers and over 30 big cattle and sheep farms. By the end of last year, the per capita net income of mut coins in the whole village exceeded 6,500 yuan. In July this year, the old man has a new mission, he became a director of Guizhou Dafa Travel Company. hut coins company was jointly mut coins by Zhongtian Financial Group and Tuanjie Village to focus on the development of Dafu Canal’s tourism visit value. Zhongtian Financial Group invested 35 million yuan, holding 54% mut coins the shares; Kawamimu where the unity of the village collective to “Dafu canal” valuation of intangible assets 30 million yuan shares, madden 18 coins 46% of the shares. In the future, mut coins Village will enjoy 80% of the profit distribution. “I feel very happy to be able to lead the villagers onto a road to prosperity,

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