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Tested the Tesla autopilot In Moscow

Representatives of Russia’s largest club Tesla (Moscow Tesla Club) tested the electric car with the autopilot on the roads of Moscow. Offsite Control Model S received after the new firmware 7.0. According to the organizers of the test is the first test of Tesla with the system of autonomous control in the Russian capital.
In the video, released on YouTube, you can see, like the Tesla is focused on the vehicle ahead and keeps a safe distance. Once the machine is retooled, autopilot Tesla began to follow the road markings, self podrulivaya when the trajectory of the need to change aftermarket engine parts. Later, electric trolley managed without the help of the driver to dodge the taxi cut in front of him.
The system of autonomous control that appeared on Tesla, can not completely replace the driver. The US company pointed out that behind the wheel in any case, must be a person who will control the movement of Model S. autopilot is activated by double-clicking a special lever at the wheel. In addition to the Model S, the new firmware can be installed as the crossover Model X.
A comprehensive system of autonomous control Tesla founder Elon Musk has promised to be integrated into the next version engine crankshaft of the firmware – 7.1. However, the timing of its release is not yet known. To date, it is known only to its cost – $ 2 500. (About 160 thousand. Rubles).
Autopilot Tesla appeared on October 14th. To date, install the appropriate software can be certified only on the cars in the United States. In Europe, this option is not yet available due to legal problems with the use of vehicles with autonomous control on public roads. Representatives of the Tesla club could install a new firmware on the car bought in the United States.
In October, autonomous control system showed Toyota. The press service of the Japanese brand reported that, based on a technology called Highway Teammate group plans to develop production of drones by 2020. To demonstrate the capabilities of the engineers used a modified version with turbo for after of the Lexus GS. Autopilot tests took place in Tokyo. The car was able to call their own, and move down to the line, to maneuver and change lanes.

Preparing for the Elder Scrolls Online Gold Market

Preparing for the Elder Scrolls Online Gold Market

Like a kid on one of those 90’s shopping spree shows, I am going to grab my old trusty wagon, load it up with as many fruits, vegetables, tampons, and beer as I can, and sell as much as possible.

It’s a new little financial invention I came up with after quitting WoW for the millionth time.

We have our nest. Or in this case. Let’s call it our wallet. We are going to fill this wallet, with as much grey gold as possible. ( Grey Gold , is vendor trash sold) Then we are going to invest this “Grey Gold ” in several items throughout the game. For Instance, ore, herbs, food, then we are going to sell a marked up product in different areas throughout Tamriel.

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Dreamhowl 8 months ago from United States of America Level 3 Commenter

It sounds like you have it all figured out! I’ve been keeping my eye on this game, and am conflicted about whether I should purchase it when it comes out. I can barely handle my games as it is! Voted up.

How to Report Elder Abuse in Pennsylvania

How to Report Elder Abuse in Pennsylvania

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysElder abuse comes in many forms. The National Institutes of defines it as any type of physical or mental abuse, neglect or desertion of an elder or misuse of that person’s finances. According to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General website, the state ranks third in percentage of elderly residents in the United States. The Attorney General’s Elder Abuse Unit investigates and prosecutes fraud and financial schemes against the elderly, but they also refer cases of abuse and neglect to the proper agencies.The Elder Abuse Unit hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, local time. At other times, use the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s statewide elder abuse hotline, 800 490 8505, which operates continuously. You will be placed in touch with your local Area Agency on Aging. Reports to this line can be made anonymously.