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The many mood swings of the Elder Scrolls fan

The many mood swings of the Elder Scrolls fan

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The many mood swings of the Elder Scrolls fan. I have to say, we Elder Scrolls fans haven changed a bit.

The general hubbub surrounding the anticipation of TESO is merely a repeat in the trend of the nail biting that preceded Oblivion and Skyrim. Everyone online is freaking out about every little detail, hoping everything will be perfect. Guess what? It won be. Surprise.

The Elder Scrolls has never lived up to every one of our expectations. Oblivion characters looked like deflated balloon animals, there still aren spears in the game, the swimming animation sucks, and on and on. Nonetheless, we played these games for obscene amounts of time, sufficient to feature us on daytime television shows about people with serious problems in need of intervention and treatment.

Yet every new title brings out the worst in us until it released. It almost as if every time a new ES game is announced everyone forgets why they played the last one for two calendar months.

Anticipating the Hype of the Elder Scrolls Online

Anticipating the Hype of the Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is dubbed the Anticipated MMO of 2013 due to the magnitude of the franchise. The Elder Scrolls is a series which emerged in 1994 called The Elder Scrolls Arena. Since then, the franchise has picked up popularity among gamers, spanning over a 10 year period. In 2013, TESO will be the first of the series to be published online. The game is developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks.

Being in development for 5 years, the game is expected to be a huge hit among TES fans. As the game is currently accepting beta applicants, fans continue to speculate the magnitude of the game. In a recent interview with the game director, Matt Firor shed some light as what is to be expected.

PvP will be a big element within the game. According to Firor, PvP is modeled to be fun and engaging. Players will be able to participate in a massive PvP, located on a mega server. A mega server is what the name implies; a huge server capable of hosting a massive volume of players. In TESO, up to 2,000 players can participate in a singular PvP event. Within the event, all players stats and equipment will be standardized, meaning, stats will be boosted to the max. No player will be allowed to take advantage of another player due to the differences in levels or stats.

As players are successful in PvP, they gain Alliance Points. These points are used to unlock new abilities on the skill tree. TES: Online, like many games will contain classes however, classes will be de emphasized. Due to the skill tree is players are able to unlock abilities of their choosing thus, creating a build suiting their playstyle. For example, one of the confirmed classes in TESO is a Dragon Knight. The Dragon Knight is an extremely diverse class due to the class ability to perform multi class abilities. Thus by unlocking more and more abilities, the class can be a fearsome warrior and a dependable healer.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an open world game giving players the opportunity to explore all regions of Tamriel. For now, players will only be limited to certain regions as the rest will be added across additional expansions. Due to the games history of rich lore and engaging mechanics, it comes to no surprise the game is one of the most anticipated titles of 2013. Not only will the game continue the saga of The Elder Scrolls series, but, the game will allow players the freedom to explore, engage and grow within the universe of The Elder Scrolls Online.