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The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay

This game is made for people who have a passing interest in MMO who love TES. That a lot of people. A LOT of people. Yes, it doesn have some other features that different games have but it looks like a really interesting cross of MMO and TES to me.

Yes, it not massively interesting to watch, but few games are, and I myself can picture sitting down and playing this with friends and having a fucktonne of fun.

Yes he explained things that are present in other MMOs. This was not for your benefit. You are not the sole demographic, this talk was made for those who are invested TES fans who are new to MMOs.

I thought the graphics looks great, the art style was fantastic, and the world design was spectacular. The combat animations were lacking but this game is in early beta and hasn been polished yet. It shows a lot of potential.

Just because it doesn pander to the almighty MMO community begging for your attention doesn make it bad. Stop and think for a second that maybe you aren even their target demographic, but other TES fans primarily are, and many of those are not MMO players.

[+]mynameismyown comment score below threshold (11 children)Have you ever tried turning off the quest markers?

Did you actually read what I posted?

I enjoyed Skyrim immensely, and played it entirely with the markers off.

Somehow I managed to complete the quests on my own.

Every quest in the game is written like “Talk to Legate Rikke”.

This is only true of the misc quest section of the log. Even then, those lines either contain appropriate locational information (slay the X at location Y) or contained locational context in the dialogue that led to receiving the quest.

To your example, Legate Rikke is an important Legion NPC in solitude. The very first quest objective related to joining the Legion is to “join the imperial legion” (go figure), which you have already been informed is in Solitude if you escape Helgen with the legionnaire. You will meet her within 10 seconds of entering Castle Dour. An objective to speak with her after that is completely valid, as you now know where she is. That the opposite of hand holding, in fact. The onus is on you to remember where she is, and if you can you can choose to enable the marker to help you out.

neither the people who give the quests nor the quest journal will tell you where to go.

I on a replay right now, and I have not had any issues with quests not giving me enough information to find my way on my own (if you like, I could provide a screenshot of my quest log, which is full of useful but not overly specific locational information).

What exactly is the issue with essential NPCs? At worst, it lazy design, but it prevents things like uncompleteable quests due to honest mistakes/accidents. Completely justifyable tradeoff for gameplay.

Lastly, while there is no denying most (if not all) of the tomb puzzles are dead simple, if that the best legitimate example of handholding you can come up with, you grasping at straws. I sure everyone (myself included) would have preferred some zelda tier puzzles, but at least they establish atmosphere and break up the pacing slightly.

The locations are explicitly marked on your map, even without quest markers. So there is still an element of hand holding (though, realistically, if someone knows where something is, they should be able to mark it on your map; I finding it difficult to think of reasons that explain my feelings on this matter). With response to meeting Legate Rikke, she is in Castle Dour. But you not always told that she is there when you get the quest (depends on who encourages you to join; I don think Hadvar mentions it; just says to go to Solitude).

In Morrowind, not everything appeared on the map. Explicit directions had to be given to find the locations (go this compass direction, look for this sign or building or geological structure, then take a left), and it was up to the player to pay attention to the landscape and find his or her way. That all out, even without the markers. Just look at the map, walk straight there.

I just finished a playthrough with a level 252 character. Got every single perk, did all the guilds and DLCs and got all the achievements I didn have. I don hate the game. After reading your comment I kinda want to give it another shot, but without quest markers. My biggest problem is finding a balance between difficulty and. well. the game not being stupidly tedious.

The Elder Scrolls Online launches fourth closed beta weekend

The Elder Scrolls Online launches fourth closed beta weekend

Nothing about this game seems interesting to me. I tried out the Beta weekend anyways because some friends were really hype and didn get keys and it was pretty much what I expected.

This does not feel like a TES game at all. It comes off as a generic ChinaMMO (particularly like the F2P ones now on Steam). The worlds are really small and boring, exploration is not really worth doing because of how the lockpicking mechanic works, how ground objects are first come first serve, and a very forced linear progression through each zone. Even WoW let you pick and choose which zone you wanted to go to for the most part by simply making more quests available than were necessary to level with.

I get that the game is in Beta and there are a lot of things that are subject to change, but a 20GB download suggests a lot of things are in place that will not be changing. Plus it gives you insight as to what the developers are thinking and what you can reasonably expect.

This game will sell a lot of copies on the franchise name alone probably. I really hope that with the most recent upsets of popular franchises producing subpar games people will be a lot more cautious before buying in on day one or pre ordering. I really can see it lasting more than a year or two on a subscription model.

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The Elder Scrolls Online trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online trailer

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I a pretty active redditor, and this is honestly the first time I read a negative comment about ESO. I am subscribed to /r/Games[1] , /r/gaming[2] and /r/elderscrollsonline[3] , and all I read (especially in ESO subreddit) is about how awesome it is and how amazing the beta was. I was surprised because my experience was completely the opposite.

I did the weekend beta a few weeks ago, and was really impressed/excited with the character creation page. After that, I was HUGELY disappointed with the gameplay. I honestly didn give it more than an hour or two, and had to turn it off. It was a huge disappointment, particularly the poor graphics and feel of the game compared to the single player experiences. It really did feel like a watered down MMO.

I should also mention that I am a massive TES fan, put in hundreds of hours from Morrowind to Skyrim. I had a certain expectation from ESO that it would feel at least a little like past TES games (in terms of gameplay and atmosphere). There was zero of that.

So please, don call it a circlejerk because of a few negative comments. I was extremely displeased with the beta and will 100% NOT be investing any time or money in this product because of my experience. Calling out negative comments as “circlejerking” is disingenuous and doesn lead to any meaningful discussion.

Edit: I should also add I was enormously excited for the beta; I looked forward to it all week and downloaded it before Friday and was playing as soon as possible. I had no preconceived notions that it would fail. All of that came after I started playing.

I guess we have to agree to disagree. I seen a lot of hate towards the beta, although there has been a lot of optimism too. I called it a circle jerk because majority of what I read in this thread sounded like mindless complaining with little reasonable complaints. I actually played the beta for the whole weekend and got through all bullshit bugs and such. I felt the graphics were pretty well done for an MMO (I believe it was foolish to assume that ESO would have graphics on par with other ES games because in the end it is still a MMO) And after I got to level 10 it became much more enjoyable. I have a hard time understanding how you put hundreds of hours into other ES games yet you couldn deal with the beta for more than two hours? I would assume you have more faith in Zeni to at least ride it out and get to the part of the beta that they wanted us to test (that being pvp and dungeons). I don mean to sound like an ass or like I calling you out or anything, but I put a couple hundred into ES games too so I had little trust in them and came out happy with my experience. And in all honest they didn invite us to play a fully polished game. Going into it I expected everything I ran into and offered what help I could by reporting bugs.