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Football Rules Red Yellow Cards and Handball

Football Rules Red Yellow Cards and Handball

The most popular sport in the world is football (known as soccer in the USA). Millions will watch the football World Cup hosted by South Africa from June 11th to July 11th 2010. Further millions play and watch games during their football seasons but the rules are not always fully understood by some spectators. Some players and fans assert, no doubt unfairly, that not all referees understand the rules either. This is particularly noticeable when the players’/fans’ teams have not benefited from the referees decisions!

This article outlines the rules about when yellow and red cards (first used in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico) should be shown to players by the referee, and also when handball should be penalised. What will not disappear, thankfully, are arguments between players/fans/managers about the interpretation of these rules!

When Is a Card Red Or Yellow?Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick.

There are seven different offences that can get players a yellow card:

Anything that can be deemed as unsporting behaviourDissent by word or actionPersistent infringement of the laws, for example, a series of foulsDelaying the restart of playNot retreating the required distance at a free kick or cornerEntering or re entering the pitch without the referee’s permissionDeliberately leaving the pitch without the referee’s permissionIf a player gets shown two yellow card during one match then a red card is shown and he is sent off the field of play.

A Player is Shown the Red Card and Sent Off if They Commit Any of the Following Seven Offences:Using offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gesturesReceiving a second caution in the match. a fan or an official)A player other than the goalkeeper denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ballViolent conduct, such as throwing a punchDenying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal is an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick”Hand To Ball Or Ball To Hand”?Nothing stirs the passions like a controversial handball decision. A ball slams into a player’s arm and one team and their fans are screaming for a penalty, while their opponents are claiming it was an accident. It is a difficult one for the referee to call in the heat of the moment.

What is ‘Deliberate’ Handball?In FIFA’s Laws of the Game (2005), Law 12 states that a free kick or penalty will be awarded if a player “handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)”.

It adds: “Referees are reminded that deliberately handling the ball is normally punished only by a direct free kick or penalty kick if the offence occurred inside the penalty area. FIFA continues “A caution or dismissal is not normally required.”

However, the document fails to describe what constitutes deliberate handball, and therefore places the responsibility firmly on the referee and referees’ assistants. It may often depend on the referee’s interpretation whether the hand or arm is in an “unnatural” position at the point of contact.

And there will always be at least one manager, 11 players and thousands (or millions if the game is shown on TV) of fans who will insist they have been hard done by.

It is important that all players, officials and spectators understand the rules of football. One of the enjoyable aspects of football, and many other sports, is the debate between fans about the interpretation of the rules during a game.

Road to the 2010 World Cup

Road to the 2010 World Cup


South Africa 2010 World Cup Chief Executive Danny Jordaan has promised a highly successful FIFA World Cup in when South Africa hosts Africa’s first ever World Cup.

Since South Africa won the historic bid to host the World Cup, there have been various criticism aimed at the continents alleged inability to stage the competition.

But Jordaan, who led South Africa’s successful bid has poured cold water on the concerns, assuring that the tournament would be the most successful World Cup ever organized.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra during his visit for the Ghana 2008 draw, the 2010 World Cup chief said South Africa was aiming to make the World Cup highly successful both on and off the pitch.

“There have been doubts that Africa cannot organize a successful World Cup but I want to assure that we are capable of organizing a highly successful World Cup and we will deliver,” Jordaan said.

He revealed that the tournament had already achieved commercial success as its commercial revenue had exceeded the previous World Cup hosted by Germany, making it the highest ever in the history of the World Cup

“We want to organize a successful tournament both on and off the pitch and we are working very hard to achieve this target.”

Jordaan added that it was also the vision of South Africa 2010 World Cup to use the tournament to erode the notion that Africa is a hopeless continent.

“We want to use the World Cup to change the perception of Africa as a hopeless continent. This is very important because the World Cup is an African World Cup.”

Abedi: African teams must excel at 2010 World Cup

Ghana legend Abedi ‘Pele’ Ayew says it is extremely important for African countries who will take part in the first ever World Cup on the continent to excel and even go on to win the trophy to continue the tradition of host continents hosting and winning.

Abedi, who is also an ambassador for the South Africa 2010 World Cup, said the World Cup in South Africa should be the time for Africa football to make a stronger impression on world football.

“The history of the World Cup shows that only twice have continents hosting the World Cup failed to win and this is an important history Africa should continue.

FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament

FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament

It has been a mere seven weeks since the perfectly conditioned and finely tuned soccer team from Spain was crowned FIFA World Cup Champions and believe it or not I already yearn for the opening ceremonies to begin again. Unlike the Olympics when I unenthusiastically remote control my way through the TV Guide and flag the one or two activities I might be interested in watching like water polo, synchronized swimming, and kayaking, then once the closing ceremonies are concluded I have little or no problem waiting another four long years until the Olympic torch once again begins it’s arduous trans world trek across the globe, relayed from hand to hand until it finally reaches it’s destination and the games officially begin again. However in contrast, the World Cup captivates my imagination more so than that adorable elderly maestro of the harmonica on America’s Got Talent. The huge roaring crowds, the intense competitive atmosphere, observing all the A list celebrities and dignitaries sitting regally in their VIP boxes trying so hard to suppress their true inner emotions and refrain from acting like mere mortal frenzied fans after their home team scores that ever elusive goal. It’s truly a one of a kind sport which indeed attracts very unique fans. Another very attractive feature of the World Cup is the foreign exotic and romantic feel to it, unlike attending a typical baseball game and watching some slightly inebriated guy reach over the railing to try and catch Big Pappy’s foul ball as half his beer spills on the head of a woman below who thinks it’s a rain shower, she then grabs her umbrella in great haste, and as she opens it accidentally pokes the poor hot dog vendor in the eye before he has a chance to ring up his next sale.

So needless to say in contrast, just the overall atmosphere of the World Cup draws me in like an intense oceanic rip current and even though my team did not prevail this time around, I certainly enjoyed the competition each and every day. As usual there were a few surprises and that’s difficult to avoid when you have 32 teams competing, some major upsets especially in the 1st round group play where at least one European soccer powerhouse was eliminated. In any event, this sports spectacular attracts more fans than any other sport on the face of the earth and probably for good reason, it’s international, almost every nation in the world practically revolves around the game. It seamlessly crosses continental borders and cultures like no other sport does, this might be the most important reason why it’s so popular. Almost every country in the world has a soccer team to represent it’s respective peoples in qualifying and tournament play and we certainly can’t say that about many other sports. we have some premier games as well, gridiron football, baseball, basketball, and hockey etc. and yes without a doubt they are extremely popular, attracting loyal semi rabid fans like clockwork each and every season, but I think there is one major difference between these sports and soccer, and that is the title of ‘World Champion”. Yes they are superbly conditioned athletes and their achievement of reaching the pinnacle of their respective game cannot be denied and yes football, baseball basketball are three of my favorite sports especially during fall and winter, but that being said, when the only competition you meet during the season is domestic I think it’s fair to say the designation of “National Champion” would be more applicable. In my opinion the only true ‘ World Champions ” other than olympic medalists would be the winners of the FIFA World Cup Tournament where all the teams meet international competition not just domestic. Almost every country and or state in the world competes if they choose to. They all must start with qualifying matches and as the games progress the field is narrowed down to the final 32 squads who then compete against each other during a grueling six week tournament. The last one just concluded in July 2010 and was held in breathtaking South Africa. Well in excess of 32 different countries actually vied for the title which makes this one of the most integrated sports event aside from the Olympics. A true ” World Champion ” in my opinion is crowned by FIFA, and International competition is essential to hold this prestigious title.

With that said let’s touch on the business aspects of the world cup and needless to say it draws a massive volume of viewers due to it’s international status and that of course means there’s a massive amount of money involved. For those of you who may not be familiar with the sport, in some countries soccer is the equivalent of a spiritual experience, and in extreme cases just shy of being worshiped as a religion. Case in point Brazil, I can only think of three examples that Brazilians hold to a higher praise than the soccer ball, and they are the thong, the nut, and Alessandra Negrini. So when you have massive viewers that usually means massive advertisement dollars spent during this six week extravaganza. The hype begins in April on all the major sports channels as a heads up for the up coming tournament. Then the commercials begin, and they are usually very warm upbeat ” We are all one ” type spots designed to tug at your heartstrings and bring the entire human race together. Usually the commercial depicts a little boy or girl in Europe or South America kicking a soccer ball around with a top notch pro player, speaking their native language with English subtitles at the bottom of the screen translating the dialogue. If you’ve never seen a soccer game your first experience might be a little less than exciting, but once you get a few under your belt it may become your new found passion, but then again maybe not.

Once a year we get to watch one of the most exciting sports crown a champion at the Super Bowl. I think having the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament every two years rather than every four is good for the game, good for the fans, and yes, good for business.

And just think of it this way, if the powers that be change the time frame in which it’s played and apply the change retroactively back to June 2010, that means the next and last World Cup will take place in June 2012.6 months before the end of the world which according to the Mayan calendar is conveniently scheduled for December 2012.

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liswilliams 3 years ago from South Africa

Great hub, well everyone said South Africa couldn’t do it, so I’m sure Brazil can do something special.

Brazil is special in so many ways, plus, they didn’t win 5 World Cups for just being “Average”. It was great to see South Africa host the Cup this past summer, I enjoyed the whole experience and they represented their country well.

TravelinAsia 3 years ago from Thailand/Southeast AsiaI would love a shorter wait before the next world cup, but unfortunately it is logistically impossible! It could never happen. Besides, I might need the time to save up enough money to get to Brazil in 2014.