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Dong Qiqi father: son is unique, do not take him and anyone compared

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Luka – East Cage has been with Slovenia won the European Championship, a national history. His outstanding performance in the European Championship has attracted lot of media attention, his father pro Sasa Doncic today gave an interview for the East Zupan?i? performance and future expressed their views.

“Dong Qi Qi is a unique player, I will not take him and anyone to compare. For me, (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
he played the way is very magical, I really like, but this is not because he Cheap nfl 18 coins is my son or I am crazy It was said that East Cage was a Bohemian, with romantic basketballism, and he needed to further improve his shooting skills, and I was happy to see his shot outside of the two-pointers, “he said.

For the issue of the NBA Dong Qiqi father also made a response.

“NBA this season he will still stay in Real Madrid to play, and now he was only 18 years old, but it will depend on his own decision.He may soon enter the NBA, but Real Madrid people do not need to worry about this, Because Real Madrid ‘s basketball school there are a lot of young talent, and soon there will be more East Qiqi appeared.

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Casey became FIFA15 best goalkeeper in La Liga

Today’s Iker Casillas, is experiencing the worst of his career moments, though barely able to keep a main position, but the media and fans for his question has long been overwhelming. And before this round game against Elche, Ancelotti also “conform to public opinion” made a let Casey do bench buy fifa 15 coins, select Navas as the main decision. But Casey may be able to find some comfort in the game world, because in FIFA15 this upcoming new game, Casey to mean the ability to score the first 84 La Liga all ranked goalkeeper.

This news is reported that Real Madrid news dominated defensacentral disclosed. The media said that September 25 listed FIFA15 game, Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas mean the ability to reach 84 points, which is already the team’s goalkeeper in La Liga all the highest. Barcelona goalkeeper Teershite two roots and Bravo scores are not his high German Cityray root score of 83, while the Chileans Bravo’s score is 82 points. Surprising that new signing to Real Madrid this summer, in the Brazilian World Cup performance is extremely excellent Costa Rica goalkeeper Navas scores actually only 79 points, far behind Casey’s 84 points.

In addition to Casey, Bravo and Cityray root, the ability to value above 80 and 80 there are other four Goalkeepers: Valencia Diego Alves for 81 minutes, Seville Bento also 81 points. Has a magical performance of this year’s World Cup in Mexico Malaga goalkeeper Ochoa, whose score is 80 points, while the names are very similar, and Iker Casillas, and has just become the Spanish internationals Iker Elijah, whose value is 80 points.

For game developers fastfifa14 this setting, the player is of course a matter of opinion. But for Casey, this is perhaps the best chance of cheap fifa 15 coins a self-liberation and comfort, after all, the outside world has made him controversial enough headaches, can enjoy a “king” of the fun in the game world for a career in serious crisis Casillas, is also a bad opportunity.

Is This A Game We Know Be Well-Matched In Strength ?

“This is a game we know be well-matched in strength, made in Turin want to score is not easy, they do meet our preparation in the home court. You might have noticed the fifa 15 news ,and then in the near future , you can buy the cheap fifa 15 coins from our online store with the lowest price .We’ve been working hard to create goals until the end of the competition, but we can not seize the opportunity. I always look forward to the best results, but you never know, some things not as we wish.” The boss said in an interview.

ut is this value to 659million squad is fifa 15 coins just from the Europa League out of the Royal Society.Mazari in the last season had expressed reluctance to talk about the referee, but after the game, Mazari is angry again attacked the court officer of the law: “the penalty? It is the same story! The fact that Nemanja and Quagliarella contact should never have been a penalty, or every game will be dozens of penalty to produce.” Thirty-fifth minutes after, Inigo Martinez pushes shoots forces a door open, it is Prieto received Castro’s corner after the completion of the header ferry.

The blue black regiment in nineteenth minutes of the game because Nemanja and Quagliarella minor physical contact was a penalty, and near the end of the fut 15 coins, due to applaud Nemanja was a direct red card. “For Nemanja’s red card, I think the referee misunderstood him. He has been playing in England, where if the referee made the correct decision, the players will applaud the decision and said ‘you made the right call’. But here to applaud it becomes sarcastic, multidimensional, misunderstood the intention of Nemanja, this is ridiculous.”

In sixty-fifth minutes, and with Prieto and canales’s after, by the accurate passes the former sent around Pepe, zurutuza to do is surrounded in the score in front of the. “Aspen” analysis, “Real Madrid set piece defence is a problem, the game first and fourth balls are kick defense out of the question, the Spanish Super Cup first leg match against Ma Jing is letting the opponent to seize the opportunity.” Slow motion replays showed, seventy-fourth minutes left, the royal society starts out the corner kick, Baer Gallas in Marcello before the nod the ball a rub, Bella small restricted area after the ball from Pepe before getting shot, Mexico striker shot score, 4 than 2.