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The confidence of the 2k mt has increased

Manu Ginobili commented on the game: “The confidence of the opponent has 2k mt, and we are beginning to feel manic, and once this happens, it will be as heavy as snowballing, and you will start to rush, The 2k mt will start to fight against us and take tactics to kill the paint area.We need to play smarter and have more control over the rhythm of the attack and move nba coins for sale. If every round we Can play 5 to 5 tactics, the situation will become easier. Today, the pace of the game faster, they really killed us. The game Kewei – Leonard got 21 points and 11 rebounds and 6 assists, the other four 2k mt together to contribute 27 points, 19 rebounds and 5 assists.

“The opponent is hot,” said Leonard. “The next game we need to strengthen the defense, but also to 2k mt the attack tonight our offensive state is a bit depressed, and they have a very good performance. The first half of the game, the Spurs behind 30 points, which is since Popovich coaching, the team’s biggest playoff halftime points difference. Paul Gasol said: “When a team is much better than the other nba2k mt when the performance 2k mt, the opponent has a good control of the rhythm of the game, hit some wonderful shots, They also hit a lot of three – pointers, we have a little let them in the field arbitrary.