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According to fifa 18 coins incomplete statistics

there is a network of intellectual IP, The source of fifa 18 coins. 90 after graduation students write online novels earned 30 million to 50 million According to incomplete statistics, at present, 40 fifa 18 coins online literature website station number of more than 17.6 million, the total work of 14.584 million; network literature users fifa coins 350 million, the market size reached 9 billion fifa 18 coins. Perhaps you are still on the network of literature in the “overbearing president, through romance” impression, perhaps you still lament the career income of the incredible and fifa 18 coins “God” speed, but it is undeniable that the two years of network literature is indeed hut coins fire The. Write a network of novels than to work to earn money “big god” writer fifa 18 coins income of up to 500,000 Ling Jiao is a part-time online literary writer in Xi’an, although it is part-time, but she jokes: “write monthly novels, than their full-time The work of more fifa 18 coins. “2015, 24-year-old she was just beginning to contact the network of literature,

Change Your Albion Online Password for “Hacke” Account

According to the Albion Online announcement from the official forum, we know that Albion Online Staff have received a couple of players have reported to that their accounts have been “hacked”. They found their characters stripped of all valuables in a different place than where they left them. Albion Online Staff has investigated these reports and found that more than 20 accounts have been accessed at unusual times by an unknown IP. So you should be careful of your Albion Online account especially when you buying Albion Online Gold on some unreliable website, while is a reliable online shop that can make sure the gamers’ security. We promise all the Albion Online Gold here are cheap and safe since we have do the game products business for so many years and have a series of stable and secure suppliers.

Albion Online team thinks that the “hacker” simply brute-forced the passwords, their usual way is systematically tried common passwords until there was a match. Now the Albion Online team also does not believe that there is safe flaw beyond that. What they could do is to investigate this further and they will improve their measures against this type of attack.

The most important thing that you can do to avoid your account been hacked is to choose a complicated passwords which had better to mix with letters, numbers, and even symbols. If their passwords are guessable, there is just no way can we protect you is to change your password on the “my account” page on If you are a frequent buyer at, you will have the real experience of the safe buying here. Just trust and buy cheap Albion Online Gold here.

How to Lock Your Habbo Account Safely

Now many players choose to buy habbo coins online instead of purchasing in game, and most of the online sellers will ask your Habbo Account to send you large amount of habbo coins with less money, so that to help you save much cash. Now provide players cheap Habbo coins in game. This time, let us talked about how to lock your habbo account safely.

First of all, we should know what does the account safety lock exactly do? The account safety lock protects players’ account from unauthorized access from an unknown computer or device once players enable it. It will automatically disable the main features in the hotel for anyone trying to use your account from a location other than your normal IP address. All critical items will be disabled until you or whoever is trying to gain access to the account has correctly answered the safety question.

Features locked by this feature:

1.Adding or removing credentials
2.Changing password
3.Changing email
4.Linking and adding account to identity
6.Using marketplace
7.Purchasing from catalog
8.Dropping furniture to group room
9.Deleting room

Then let us come to how to safety lock your account? Simply log on to your account, on the very first page before player actually enter the hotel , go to Account Setting, then to Identity Settings. Under the heading Protect their account, click on Edit Their Security Questions that they have chosen. Now you are asked to type in your account password to save your current settings. Click on Enable Account Protection and you have just turned on the safety lock on your account!

Safety lock prevents hacker on the wide range of features in your account. Habbo recommended that player take advantage of this and enable it as it will add greatly to the security of your account. Remember to buy cheap Habbo Coins at to have a low price.