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seized the money gofifacoins coupons and interest

seized the money and interest of 412 million yuan, 243 boxes of Moutai gofifacoins coupons, part of a bottle Wine and wine can not return Moutai discount compensation more than 70 gofifacoins coupons, to lift the freeze 31 million 60 thousand yuan of funds. In addition, also the return of 5 million yuan an IOU. The Ministry of public security for reconsideration Yuan gofifacoins coupons family of Liaoning Province Public Security Bureau is not satisfied with the compensation decision, entrust a lawyer to the Ministry of public security of the state gofifacoins coupons application for reconsideration, fifautstore coupon code total of 6 the contents, including the return of 16 goldah coupon code and the normal operation of enterprises income 2 billion 600 gofifacoins coupons yuan,