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Spain vs Paraguay Live Score Results

Spain vs Paraguay Live Score Results

Spain vs Paraguay kicked off today in another FIFA World Cup Quarterfinal match. TheSpaniardsgo in as the heavy favorites in this match, but are haunted by a history of World Cup failures. In fact, Spain have not been able to reach the finals for more than half a decade. Spain was certainly expected to make it this far, Paraguay is likely just happy to still be alive. All the pressure will be on Spain today, but will it matter for this talented Spanish squad?

Going into the match, Spain has been an offensive juggernaut ever since their first match loss to Switzerland. They even managed a goal against Portugal, widely considered to have had the best defensive unit going into the World Cup. On the other hand, Paraguay may have showcased the best defense of the tournament so far. In their first match, Paraguay gave up a single goal to the Italians, but since that time, have yet to allow a single goal in 3 matches. Impressive to say the least.

The match began to play out as expected, with Spain dominating play and possession, but with scoring chances far and in between. Paraguay actually took advantage of their counterattacks, and managed a quality shot on goal in the first half. In the 40th minute, it looked as if Paraguay had gone ahead on a perfectly placed lob into the area and a pretty finish by Valdez, but the referee ruled offsides. There was some debate as to whether Valdez was offsides, but there was a handball on the non goal anyhow, so it is probably a good thing the goal was disallowed (in my opinion at least).

Predictably enough, at the half the score stood at 0 0. Perhapssurprisinglythough, is that Spain could not muster a single shot on goal, and only had four shots total. However, Spain did dominatepossessionat nearly 70%, and one would have to think a team as talented as Spain will find a shot or two on goal eventually. The defense of Paraguay certainly was up to the task so far, and perhaps we were destined for another penalty shootout?

The second half began much the same way, in a defensive struggle. It looked as if no one would possibly score, barring a gigantic mistake. And then all of a sudden, the mistakes started to pour in. In the span of 90 seconds, we had not one, but two, penalty kicks! Unbelievable span of events. And that wasn’t all!

In the 57th minute, Paraguay lined up for a corner kick. Spanish defender Pique pulled a player down, inside the box. The referee spotted it and awarded Paraguay a penalty kick. An absolute gift for the offensively challenged Paraguay. Yet on the ensuing penalty kick, Spanish keeper Casillas smothered the shot, and Paraguay had somehow missed! After all that, we still stood at 0 0.

Spain, perhaps invigorated after recent events, marched down the field and found a streaking David Villa inside the box in the 59th minute. He was also knocked down, and the referee awarded yet ANOTHER penalty kick! Simply astounding. Alonso lines up for the kick and he scores! Spain takes the lead! But wait. the goal is disallowed for encroachment and Spain has to retake the shot. Alonso lines up for the shot again, but this time the keeper comes up with a huge save. Never before in my life have I seen a sequence of events quite like that. After all of this, we STILL, somehow, someway, stood at 0 0 entering the 60th minute.

Yet Spain was still dominatingpossession, and really, the game. Possessionalone favored Spain a whopping 72%. With a rate like this, something had to give. eventually. And then, Spain finally found a way, like you almost knew they would.

Off a flurry of beautiful passes near midfield, Spain was able to break though the defense, and the ball found Pedro streaking into the box all alone. He fired a shot that hit the right post dead on, but richoted back to find David Villa. Villa fired another shot, hitting the post, then the OTHER post, followed by the back of the net. Lady luck tried her hardest to keep us scoreless, but Spain and David Villa broke though, and finally the score was 1 0 in favor of Spain.

Paraguay would actually have an excellent chance to score the equalizer in the 88th minute, but could not finish. And for the first time in 60 years, Spain was headed to the World Cup semifinals to face a Germany team that is so hot, they might literally be on fire at this point.

Our final four teams are set, and outside of Uruguay, we have an all European semifinals. The Netherlands will take on Uruguay, and Spain will have to face Germany.