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FIFA 17 missed the Iceland team

In the 2016 European Cup, the most people in front of a bright is the Iceland team, the team, although the final defeat of the French missed 4, but still fans in the eyes of the dark horse”. While in the sports new FIFA 17, if we can control the black team is also very interesting, but the dream you may be in vain, everything is too tight to blame EA!

According to reports, the game makers almost want to get free of Iceland’s intellectual property rights, is really a dream”. This sentence from the Iceland Football Association, they rejected the U.S. game company EA’s invitation, want to let the Iceland team appeared in the FIFA 17 game, you also need to improve the offer.

The Iceland football team shine at this summer’s European Cup, not only defeated the England team very close to 8, and the unique “Viking celebration” by many fans to follow. As a football game, the United States EA company produced FIFA 17 to the in symbol of football to join the game, so I went to the Iceland Football Association, $15 thousand overweight hoping to get authorization.

The Iceland Football Association was shocked by so little amount, “sent a beggar?” “You just want to avoid the cost?”. The Iceland Football Association president said, we understand that many fans hope that Iceland will appear in the game, but I’m sorry for this price, we should reject the invitation of EA. AD: Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins, No.1 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins Store – XFIFA.COM

EA will be released in September 27th, FIFA 17 game, it seems that there is a regret. Another interesting thing, Messi’s score will be the first time C Luo than, become the game’s ability to value the second players, not only Messi, Barcelona players have been lowered.