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Double effects! 7.3.2 longevity Agus new jewelry introduction

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With the arrival of the 7.3.2 patch, the only surviving BOSS of the Antarhus Burning Throne: The lonely man, Argus, is finally open to everyone. At the same time, the official patch for the BOSS also joined the six new jewelry, the effect is very exploded:
Tank jewelry
Aglama’s belief
+2994 strength / agility
Equipment: Damage has a chance to make your armor raise 1932 points for 15 seconds.
Agra Ram’s determination: in the enhanced by the Pantheon, your maximum health value will increase 229 million, for 15 seconds, and restore all the value of life.
Treatment of jewelry
Ai Ou Nail’s mercy
+2994 intelligence
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Equipment: Your treatment has a chance to plant a jade in the vicinity of flowers, every 2 seconds for a random allies to restore 45997 points to restore the value of life, sustained 12 seconds.
Ai Ou Nuo’s green of the embrace: in the temples by the strengthening, the next six direct treatment spell will target a shield, in the 30 seconds to resist 76627 points damage.
Strength jewelry
Katz Gross’s courage
+2994 strength
Equipment: Your nocicement has a chance to make the weapon be strengthened by the flames of Katz Gross, causing an automatic attack to cause an additional 56,991 damage in 12 seconds.
Katz Gross’s Shapes: When you are tempered by the Pantheon, your critical strike, haste, mastery or all-around will increase by 2281 for 15 seconds. Always choose the highest one of the attributes.
Agile jewelry
Gao Gonaisi’s vitality
+2994 agility
Equipment: Your nasty skills have a chance to create a rage at the target, causing 94986 damage to all enemies within 6 seconds for 6 sec.
Gao Gonaisi’s Thunder Fury: In the enhanced by the Pantheon, your automatic attack will cause lightning explosion, the enemy within 8 yards caused 53376 points of natural damage, for 15 seconds.
Intellectual jewelry
Nuo Gan Nong’s Granville
+1370 proficient
Equipment: Your Damage spells have a chance to increase your intelligence by 4119 points for 18 sec.
Norman’s instructions: When you are tempered by the Pantheon, you get the effect of the 6-layer Nuo Gannong instruction for 15 seconds. Your nociceptive spell will consume a layer of effect, the target additional caused 140309 points random magic faction injury.
“New version of crystal” jewelry
Oman Sul’s Wisdom
+1028 crit
+1028 haste
+1028 Almighty
+1028 proficient
Equipment: Your spells and skills have a chance to get 1993 points fast, dodge and vampire for 12 seconds.
Oman Sul’s majesty: Agile increased by 4985 points in the tempered temples, for 15 seconds.
Although the current do not know the so-called “Pantheon of the strengthening” in the end is how to trigger, but from the current analysis of the data, each jewelry on the two effects can take effect at the same time.
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How to Choose the Profession as a Green Hand in FFXIV

This guide is specifically prepared for the new gamers in FFXIV, and by the way, I will introduce them an online game shop to buying cheap FFXIV Gil with such a low price. now provide FF14 Gil for players and players can experience a professional online service here. Here are the details on the guides of the first step.

Step 1 (100%-80%)

Double-Tania (BOSS)

Swoop: front door-AOE General pounce

Death Penalty: BOSS every 30 seconds on the main flat release a spinattack, about 7000-8000 damage and received a normal attack.
Response: Wrath of Knight’s goddess of war and warriors Storm cut, whitemagic, scholar, calls an viruses can be used to reduce the death of BOSSdark damage Warrior Tanzania-reduce the original spirit of the 20% injuries need to be read before the death penalty cover, Knight Tan needs to open the iron wall.

Three Little Dragons
At any time a player spits fireballs, standing in the fireball would causelasting damage.

Specific lines:
Tan: take double Tania, 30S countdown, and notice and prepared for the warlike goddess of wrath, storms cut, such as skill.
Deputy Tan: take three-headed dragons and mark.
Cure: scholars are easy to cure, so does white magic. Death penalty skills,scholars encouraged good morning monomers.
Output: priority and killed three-headed dragons, note the hatred canchange, struck after the turn the fire BOSS.
Crowd must disperse locations, prevent a fire circle group disorder of the blood. Remember not to stand near the front BOSS, avoided being killed by swooped.

Copy Multiple Branching Mode Guild Wars 2 Novice Guidelines

In the guild wars 2, Tyria island, is a copy of the eight large players need to conquer eight difficulties on the way to grow, the copy in guild wars 2 is called underground, is small five humanistic game mode. Simple, traditional copy has two modes, story mode and explore mode. Difficulty of five personal story mode is not great, literally group was going to play with NPC can smooth customs clearance with the reward of Guild Wars 2 gold. Explore mode to relatively difficult some, but also points of different lines, different lines are not the same as difficult.

Reward, players will get rewards such as some gold, experience and equipment after story mode finished, and it will drop the treasure chest after a slew of BOSS, and treasure chest can open a blue-green kit and some materials. The basic story mode of profit is very small, story mode to play because did not complete the story mode cannot explore mode.

Explore mode rewards are relatively more abundant. Upon completion of the exploration of a line pattern will reward 60 copy brands, and has an additional 1 to 3 gw2 gold monetary rewards. Can change copy brand suit, weapons, is a level 80 orange suits or weapons, most people’s first set of orange weapons are basically from the copy. But remind everyone here is a copy of the brand is the first brush every day will reward 60, and additional financial rewards Is only the first, second to brush the same line yield is greatly reduced, reward is diminishing, don’t forget!

The difficulty of the guild wars 2 copies is very obvious. Every day to customs clearance again if all the copy will be 33 gw2 gold of reward, and copy the BOSS will drop champion package, the overall benefits are worth waiting for. A copy of the guild wars 2 want to single complete extremely difficult, and adopted dynamic level mechanism, in which level a copy of the character level will be adjusted, so the eight copies are best class of 80 will go to play later. Features full open after 80, the role of various abilities will improve. And a set of role attribute orange is very big, improve the capacity of runes come in pursuit of the player is not missed.