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I do not understand why people always take James’s playing 2k mt to say things

“I do not understand why people always take James’s playing time to say things,” Tyler – Lu said, “before the 2k mt of the playoffs he rested for a week before the second round he can rest a week, so the next round of him Playing 48 minutes no problem. “The player’s physical feeling and the game’s movements are part of the playoffs, and sometimes the teams are too concerned about how the media says the playing 2k mt, and if they let the players play more, it’s probably A different game, so I do not care what the outside world says. “LeBron said today that he does not play his body feel worse, he can play 42 or 43 minutes now, because he has been 2k mt to his body can withstand, I am not worried.” Lu guidance added. Beijing time on April 27, according to thescore reported that the pioneer manager in the team after the end of the season after the interview, said the team headed by buy 2k17 mt – Lillard and CJ-McLerme is “not for sale.”

In view of the next season, the Blazers do not have enough salary space to sign free agents, then their lineup can only rely on the current lineup growth or trading. But the manager of the pioneer Neil Olshey said that Lillard and McLean would not appear on the trade list anyway. “The 2k mt value of any future things is difficult to estimate, I can tell you bureaucratic, that no one is not tradable, but obviously they are.” Olshey in the local time on Tuesday interview said. Damian – 2k mt five years of 120 million contract from the beginning of the season in effect, in the first round of the playoffs he led the nba 2k mt points scoring list, averaging 27.8 points and 4.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists, hit 43.3%. April 27, ESPN news, in the Thunder’s season summary meeting, Westbrook once again eliminated the Russian city fans worried about his future.

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