How to get cash from payday loans faster?

Application submitted, positive decision, transfer completed and the account is empty. Everyone should be booked between banks. The very word payday assumes that we will get the loan money very quickly. However, there are ways to get cash in minutes. How to do it?


A quick loan immediately

Lucky customers who have an account at the same bank as the lender will receive express cash from the online loan. Plus loan, to enable customers to receive transfers faster, works with several banks. You can find their list along with the hours and days of handling interbank transfers here. If your bank is on this list – we’ll get the loan money right away.


When do we have to wait?

The verification of the application itself, and in the event of a positive decision, the transfer of the loan to the account is carried out automatically. Stairs appear if our account is in a bank other than the lender. Waiting for the moment when the funds will be credited to our account can be frustrating, especially when we need cash already. Everything is to blame ELIXIR, which is an electronic system of incoming and outgoing sessions, in which banks transfer information about cash flows from one account to another. Unfortunately, each bank has its own booking hours, hence the problem with timely transfers. That is why we often wait a few hours for the transfer due to payday pay, and sometimes even the whole day, not to mention the weekend. We will find applications on the Internet that will help us assess when we can receive cash on account.


Can you speed up the transfer?

Can you speed up the transfer?

The solution can be BlueCash, which is an application that allows you to perform instant transfers of funds between accounts in different banks. Unlike the solutions on the market, BlueCash allows you to transfer funds from bank to bank even in a few seconds.