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Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion XBox 360 Cheats

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion XBox 360 Cheats

Many items, including potions, staffs, soul stones and assorted valuables can be duplicated easily. Simply unequip you main weapon and equip some arrows, the number of which will represent the number of duplicates created. Now, attack and in mid swing, switch back to the inventory screen. Try to unequip your arrows and a message will come up saying that you cannot change weapons while attacking. Before closing the menu screen, choose the item you want to duplicate and drop it. The item will now be duplicated as it drops. This cheat doesn’t work with every item.

You can level up your Sneak ability in a hurry with this easy cheat. Simply head to the Inn of Ill Omen (northwest of Bravil) and sneak down to the basement. There’s a guy named Rufio sleeping in the basement, and he will stay asleep forever if you just sneak around him. Your Sneak skill will constantly go up if you use it around him, so stick your avatar in the corner and move against the wall in sneak mode until your skill is where you want it to be. One of the Dark Brotherhood quests calls for you to kill this guy, so be sure to raise your Sneak skill with this cheat before killing him.

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