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Blue posts: has been the appearance of artifacts will not out of print

Players ask:
I like Xiong’s challenge appearance, but do not want the lower piece of information can not get. Does anyone know that the shape of the Druid can be turned
“World of Warcraft” community manager Aerythlea:
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I have already explained this problem in other posts. But here again with you again to reiterate:
Any artifacts that have been unlocked (including the Druid form) can become a metaphorical content available at the end of the Legion. On the follow-up piece of information in the form of Druid should be how to carry out the illusion here is not detailed, but it is certain that our development team will ensure that players can successfully use these forms in the future.
In addition, players can also continue to unlock the “Legion” after the end of the artifact did not get the appearance, but there are two exceptions, they are 15 layers of secret and the tower challenge the appearance of the challenge. If you can not get the two looks before the end of the piece of information, then they will really out of print – we can put them as a “Legion” this piece of information in the challenge mode reward.
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