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According to fifa 18 coins incomplete statistics

there is a network of intellectual IP, The source of fifa 18 coins. 90 after graduation students write online novels earned 30 million to 50 million According to incomplete statistics, at present, 40 fifa 18 coins online literature website station number of more than 17.6 million, the total work of 14.584 million; network literature users fifa coins 350 million, the market size reached 9 billion fifa 18 coins. Perhaps you are still on the network of literature in the “overbearing president, through romance” impression, perhaps you still lament the career income of the incredible and fifa 18 coins “God” speed, but it is undeniable that the two years of network literature is indeed hut coins fire The. Write a network of novels than to work to earn money “big god” writer fifa 18 coins income of up to 500,000 Ling Jiao is a part-time online literary writer in Xi’an, although it is part-time, but she jokes: “write monthly novels, than their full-time The work of more fifa 18 coins. “2015, 24-year-old she was just beginning to contact the network of literature,

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