6 Steps To Financially Planning To Reform Your Home

Is it time to renovate the house ? Whether it’s making the environment more beautiful, renovating the décor or even doing basic maintenance to ensure the safety of the site, repairs are needed. However, any small work in the property has a high cost and, therefore, it is necessary to be programmed.

Before you go out by splitting the materials on your credit card, or hiring people to pack what you need, you need to plan financially to remodel the house . Knowing how much you will spend, what you will do, and how much you need to save money, is essential to leave the property in perfect condition, without harming financial health.

Write down what you want to do when renovating the house.

Write down what you want to do when renovating the house.

The first thing to do is decide what changes you will make. It is from this that you can make budgets and plan the payment of everything.

Check all the rooms in the house and write down. Look at the floors, need paint, doors that need to be replaced, repairs to the roof, repairs to the electrical network, sewage and hydraulics, among others.

List everything, review several times before moving on with your financial planning.

Look for labor and make a budget

Look for labor and make a budget

Once you list everything you want to change, it’s time to look for the manpower. Find a reliable professional, show him everything you want to do and ask for a quote.

Some companies, which work with construction and renovation, offer the customer the possibility of closing a package that includes all the material, besides the work. If it is the case of the business that you intend to hire, ask for both budgets, with and without material, so that you can see what is best for you.

If you prefer to hire a professional directly, ask him to list the material needed to complete the work.

Value of products to renovate the house

Value of products to renovate the house

With the list of items in hand, look for building materials stores and make a budget. Throw all the data into a spreadsheet so you can compare the values ​​and decide which location is best priced for each item.

Take advantage and ask if there is a cash discount or what the payment terms are.

Make an expense spreadsheet

Make an expense spreadsheet

Now that you know what you will need to buy and how much you will spend on labor, make a spreadsheet for household spending.

Write down how much you earn, how much you spend on basic bills such as electricity, water, the internet and mobile. What is the average spending on the purchase of the month and see how much you can shell out monthly for the renovation of the house.

See the total amount of expenses

Add the value of labor to the cost of materials to know how much you will spend to renovate the house .

After putting everything together, always think of unforeseen events and you may need to shell out a little more to fix something that was not planned. So always do the math and put a little more.

Gather money

You can even install the purchase of the construction material, but you must have the amount to be paid by the labor in hand. Therefore, it is important that you save money to be able to pay the contractor, before starting the work.

In addition, if you are going to pay for the value of the building material, remember that the amount to be paid in each installment must fit the monthly amount you have programmed in making the cost sheet.

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