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Dong Qiqi father: son is unique, do not take him and anyone compared

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Luka – East Cage has been with Slovenia won the European Championship, a national history. His outstanding performance in the European Championship has attracted lot of media attention, his father pro Sasa Doncic today gave an interview for the East Zupan?i? performance and future expressed their views.

“Dong Qi Qi is a unique player, I will not take him and anyone to compare. For me, (Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
he played the way is very magical, I really like, but this is not because he Cheap nfl 18 coins is my son or I am crazy It was said that East Cage was a Bohemian, with romantic basketballism, and he needed to further improve his shooting skills, and I was happy to see his shot outside of the two-pointers, “he said.

For the issue of the NBA Dong Qiqi father also made a response.

“NBA this season he will still stay in Real Madrid to play, and now he was only 18 years old, but it will depend on his own decision.He may soon enter the NBA, but Real Madrid people do not need to worry about this, Because Real Madrid ‘s basketball school there are a lot of young talent, and soon there will be more East Qiqi appeared.

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Hengda released super war off Suning posters: kick out the character

(Click cheapest fifa 18 coinsto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) But the Hengda wonderful play or attracted everyone cheers, today, Hengda issued war against Suning poster “kicked out the character”, for the break out of regret.

Posters to regret after the game behind the captain Zheng Zhi as the theme, and with the text “AFC regret did not create a miracle, but won the respect, the team demonstrated his super will, captain Zheng Zhi regret after the tears Followed by the Super League, the FA Cup schedule, we have to break out of regret, continue to kick out the character!

Although the AFC out, but there are super high and the FA Cup two lines can be the title race, the current in the Super Stadium, Hengda leading second place on the Hong Kong 8 points defending in sight.
– Messi’s renewal issue, signed it?

We will be shot as soon as possible to sign the registration of Messi, (Click to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but his father has actually signed, so it can be said to have been effective, whether from the Foundation or from his portrait right, his contract has been in force, plum West is now in the new contract.

Messi’s new contract expires in 2022, and we hope that he should stay here and never go. And his signature photo for everyone is good, because the Barcelona fans, fans around the world and my fans, you need to see this photo.

Messi is also a model for young people, he is also very good performance on the pitch, he is also a very open and honest people, there is no feeling of leaving the team. My relationship with him and the relationship with other players, we do not want anyone to worry about, we hope that fans around the world to see Messi renewed look.

– Neumar’s question:

I have never talked to them again, if Neumar told him to go early, then we should give us time to come to the avatar, he was in a very bad time for us to leave, I and the players to talk, they put their The question told me that when we came back from the United States, everything should have been resolved.

I am going to do a review on this question because I am too convinced that he has Nemal and his father, if a player wants to leave, then leave, we do not stay strong, but everything is open, such as Fabregas, such as Pedro. But Nei Maer’s departure is what motive, I do not know now . He paid a large penalty, and then disrupted the entire transfer market.

– Relationship with Paris:

Our relationship with Paris and Herifi is the institutional relationship. We met also at the previous European Clubs Association. I think they can work in three areas to help the team solve the money. Not the problem: investment in youth training, for more revenue, and with the UEFA or club federation such organizations to communicate a lot.
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