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Zasalamel absolutely remembers FFXI Gil

Can you accept it has been a decade aback the absolution of Final Fantasy XI? Zasalamel absolutely remembers FFXI Gil.

Today is Final Fantasy XI’s tenth anniversary. I just capital to yield a moment to pay accolade to what is allegedly the bold that has fabricated the bigger consequence on me

in my lifetime.

As a kid, the SNES Final Fantasy amateur were the greatest activity anytime to me; maybe that’s one of the affidavit why I like FFXI so much. It feels like a SNES FF game,

but one that you can play with accompany and that seems never-ending. Clashing MMOs up to that point, FFXI in actuality featured a absolute adventure with cut-scenes. This wasn’t

just some anemic adventure befuddled at you as a cartilage either; I’d say that FFXI’s story, decidedly in Chains of Promathia and Wings of the Goddess, is the best adventure of

any FF game. And all of the endgame activities such as Limbus, Dynamis, Besieged, Assault, Salvage, Einherjar and Abyssea in actuality angry in with the capital storylines

so not abandoned were these activities amazingly fun but they acquainted like they fabricated faculty adventure astute compared to the all-encompassing endgame raids of a lot of MMOs.

The music is aswell some of the best of the series. Clashing with FFXIV area he was asked to do the accomplished soundtrack, which was allegedly too abundant of an adventure to

expect absolutely top superior advance from, Uematsu was able to focus on beneath advance and absolutely accomplish them great. “Ronfaure” ( [] )”Airship” (

[] ) and “Recollection” ( [] ) angle out to me. Aswell the “FFXI Opening Theme” ( [] ) which was acclimated in the game’s

amazing CG accession sequence. That accepting said a lot of of the acclaim for FFXI’s absurd soundtrack accept to go to Naoshi Mizuta who acknowledgment to this bold has become one of my

favorite composers. While he contributed so abounding memorable pieces, none angle out added to me than “The Sanctuary of Zi’tah” ( [] ). It’s one of my

favorite acceptable pieces period

The bold was aswell so avant-garde in agreement of its design. It was the aboriginal MMO that accustomed bodies from all over the apple to play on the aforementioned servers behindhand of

location or platform. It was the aboriginal MMO to affection an Auto-Translate affection to advice acquaint with added bodies (mainly amid Japanese and non-Japanese).

The actuality that the bold was advised to be played with a ambassador to board animate players was aswell a acceptable first. The macro arrangement it active was actual

avant-garde as able-bodied as it accustomed to bandy pieces of accessory afore attacks in adjustment to aerate that attack. You were no best bound to cutting the aforementioned accessory all

the time. You bare to accept a abounding armory of assorted accessory to be at your best, no amount which job you played.

Another avant-garde affection was its amazing job arrangement area your appearance could about-face jobs at will and you could akin as abounding of them as you wanted. Added MMOs

forced you to accomplish a new appearance if you capital to play a altered class, about acute you to do a amount of quests over. Anniversary job played so abnormally that

it acquainted like you were arena a new bold every time you absitively to akin a new job. Tanking on Ninja was a blitz like no added I’d accomplished in a game. It appropriate

a connected focus and absorption which bent if you were traveling to be a badass that never took a individual hit or a abrade that would die in seconds. My admired

job admitting was Blue Mage. Traveling about the apple accession all the spells from monsters was an acclaimed acquaintance and arena as a Blue Mage was appropriately


The activity arrangement was aswell brilliant, as clashing a lot of MMOs area action is a big alloy area you just aimlessly bang on icons, the action in FFXI was actual

calculated and strategic, acute a antithesis of accomplishment and timing. By timing appropriate attacks and spells together, activity associates could actualize able Skillchains

and Abracadabra Bursts that sometimes were key to achievement or at atomic auctioning foes quickly.

But aloft all this what fabricated FFXI appropriate was its community, because clashing a lot of MMOs the association in FFXI was just that. The bold was advised with cooperation

in apperception rather than PvP and the game’s aboriginal abrupt adversity absolutely appropriate bodies to consistently plan calm and advice anniversary other. And bodies in actuality did it,

there were canicule if I’d log on and abandoned advice added bodies do getting and it candidly acquainted just as acceptable as if I had accomplished something for myself, maybe even better.

The association was so complete and varied, about none of the bodies arena fell into the MMO amateur stereotypes you about see on TV like in the Apple of Warcraft

episode South Park and such. Bodies from all over the world, all walks of life, all races, all religions, all advancing calm and bisected of them were in actuality female.

It was all such an acclaimed experience. If you apprehend some of the comments on those Youtube videos I acquaint if talking about the music you’ll see that a lot of

people that played the bold actively feel the aforementioned way about it as I do; it was just that good. I just ambition to acknowledge Square-Enix for authoritative the bold and acknowledging

it the way they accept during these ten years and for acceptance me to accommodated so abounding abundant people, abounding of which I’m still in acquaintance with years later.

So why is this acceptable in FFXIV?

Well to start…they could do what every other MMO I have ever played has done…


You know like actually moderate & permaban all players associated with purchasing ffxiv gil with real currency? I’m relatively new myself & I nearly quit during my trial period over RMT spam. On Brynhilder its like 2-4 tells per minute. How is it that such a well polished, incredible game such as FFXIV can have this poor of moderation?


I’ve played WoW, GW1, GW2, Rift, Warhammer Online, Archage, Planetside 2 etc & NONE of them had this poor of moderation. So why is this acceptable in FFXIV?


Sure. give me a few minutes.


edit: Argh, this is proving more difficult than intended. I did the initial research on this in college, where the information came from scientific publications that cannot be accessed by anyone. im trying to find a good mirror now for them.


In the meantime, im not saying there are more console players than PC players, but I am saying that console players tend to buy more optional content than pc players do. This is due to the fact that the average age of console players is less than that of PC players, and it has also been proven that younger players have less patience for boring tasks that make Final Fantasy XIV Gil, and therefore are more likely to buy it illegally.

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